public Public Sector

              & Local Government

ICT is a leverage for public modernization, in terms of internal organisation of governments and citizen services (e-administration, e-democracy, dematerialization).

Public actors must now organise in project mode and put the user at the centre of the transformation processes. This will help develop projects mixing strategy, use, organisation and technical knowledge.

Copilot Partners combines a prospective vision of digital use and practices, and an in-depth knowledge of local and central governments functioning, to suggest an approach that fosters the design and deployment of innovative programmes to the benefit of the user.


  • E-administration / e-democracy Programme

    Conception and assistance to implementation of an e-administration and e-democracy programme for a regional government.

  • Strategic Assistance for a Public Operator

    Development of a strategy of ICT services for companies, for a Chamber of Commerce

  • Call for Projects « Digital City »

    Assistance in elaborating the tender for a Call for Projects on “Digital City and smart transportation system” for a local government authority.

  • Strategic Study

    Technical and legal consultancy on dematerialized services, for a regional government.

  • Innovative Territories Programme Design

    Design and deployment of an innovative program for a national public operator

  • Strategy for multi-channel services

    Strategy and assistance in the deployment of digital and multi-channel services for a city.